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    about reetai

    REETAI is a professional manufacturer integrated in the design,development and production of kinds of electric heaters and electrical environment appliances. Reetai makes the target of being a professional,competitive and long-term strategic manufacturer,aims at providing on-time deliveries,defect-free products and constant improvement of our services and operations. Based on professional technology and unremitting efforts spirit. Reetai takes "energy saving,excellence" as the product philosophy.We have established a quality assurance system that complies with ISO 9001:2015 system and BSCI audit.

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    Safety analysis of graphene heating film

     Regarding the introduction of graphene heating film, I will introduce some internal information to you today. Graphene heating film is a special conductive carbon paste ink. It is a mixture of dozens of rare metal elements (including graphene components). The flow bar is formed by hot pressing in two layers of insulating translucent polyester film through a variety of processes. After these processes are prepared, the safety performance of the graphene heating film can be guaranteed. Specifically, from the following aspects, where is the security?   First of all, graphene plus heating film has the characteristics of self-limiting temperature, which can avoid fusion and combustion problems caused by local overheating. Even if the temperature controller fails, the graphene heating film will not overheat locally, thus ensuring the safety of use.   Secondly, the graphene heating film adopts an imported screen printing machine, and the printing accuracy is very high, reaching the international advanced level. The power error between the membrane and the membrane is less than two percentage points, and the unevenness of the membrane itself will not cause a fire accident.    Third, in the design process, award-winning patented technology is used to make the link more secure and avoid virtual connections.    Fourth, the material is made of aerospace-grade PET material, with good electrical insulation, long service life, and a width of 0.338mm. Compared with the ordinary electric heating film of 0.25mm, it can hold a larger current and avoid the fusing problem of current overload. After the graphene heating film is energized, the 8-14 micron far-infrared light is tested by the national authority and is harmless to the human body. The heating method of the graphene heating film is to transfer most of the heat to the room through radiation. It not only heats the air, but also First heat the murals, floors, homes, etc. in the room. Then, dense objects radiate radiant heat through these objects, thereby increasing the indoor temperature naturally and uniformly.

    Do you know graphene? Ever heard of graphene heaters?

    1. Environmental protection: Graphene heater adopts electric heating, no harmful gas or residue emission, clean and sanitary, silent operation, gentle heating, no noise, no radiation, no peculiar smell, no oxygen consumption, no oil, fresh and practical. 2. More humane: Graphene heater separates heating from water and electricity. Its working principle is to use international technology graphene stainless steel heating element as an electrothermal conversion system, using electrical energy as energy to convert it into heat energy. Meet various types of room heating. 3. On-demand heating: Central heating is basically charged according to the heating area, and graphene heaters are relatively flexible. It can be turned on at any time, the temperature is adjustable, convenient and intelligent, and can better meet the needs of different groups of people. Electric heater products have always been restricted by power, and the effect cannot be achieved if the power is small. Too much power means that the cost has increased significantly, and the matching will become more complicated. In order to solve this problem, Nuanfeng Electric's graphene heater products have taken a new path and adopted a new technical solution. The heat dissipation area is coated with graphene, and the thermal conductivity of graphene is used to effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency, while ensuring the condition of the heating element. Bottom, further improve the heat exchange speed, to achieve the effect of rapid heating. Graphene is a single layer of carbon atom surface material exfoliated from graphite material, which is a two-dimensional structure of carbon. The thickness of this graphite crystal film is only 0.335 nanometers. 200,000 pieces of film are stacked together, only as thick as one hair. It was discovered in 2004 by the team of Kostyanovosev and Andre Geim at the University of Manchester. The emergence of graphene triggered a global research boom. It is not only the thinner among the known materials, but also very strong and tough; as a simple substance, it transports electrons faster than known conductors at room temperature. Nowadays, the application of graphene has been very extensive, such as: graphene battery, graphene electric heating film and other products. However, graphene batteries have been popular for many years but there is no good solution, and they have not been popularized. Graphene electric heating film has been quite mature in graphene products and has been used in the electric heater industry by many companies. The full-featured graphene heater is the best among many heaters. When working, it can release negative ions to purify the air, and the unique antibacterial net can kill bacteria and viruses in the air. This is equivalent to giving you an extra air purifier. Graphene can make the room heat up quickly, it also has a humidification function, and the waterproof function allows you to use it in the bathroom freely. Humanized safety measures such as dumping automatic power off, overheating protection, child lock, etc., let you use it with peace of mind. Graphene heaters are indeed your best choice.

    Advantages and disadvantages of heaters

    There are different classifications of heaters, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of heaters?    1. The advantages and disadvantages of electric heaters The advantage of    electric heater is electric energy, which uses electric energy to heat air conditioners or domestic water for heating. The heating speed is fast, the volume is relatively small, there is no noise, and the installation is convenient. It is a new product integrating some domestic heating equipment. The disadvantage of electric heaters is that they consume a lot of electricity. Ordinary residences use 25-35 degrees of electricity a day, and the cost performance is average. It is a relatively small heating boiler.    2. Advantages and disadvantages of fuel heaters The advantage of    oil-fired heating stove is that it relies on burning fuel to provide heat. It is relatively light, easy to use and operate, and its fuel consumption is not high. The disadvantage of the fuel heater is that this fuel heater is generally used in the industrial field. Although they are also used in the home field, they have just emerged in the market and are immature, and are generally not used as home heating equipment.    3. Advantages and disadvantages of gas heaters The advantage of    gas heater is that it is healthy, fast, more stable, and the amount of heat released is also constant. Users can flexibly adjust the heating temperature according to their needs, so as to avoid central heating, energy loss and other problems. It integrates heating and domestic hot water. Gas heaters are like heat sources in the home and can provide heating and domestic hot water. The disadvantage of gas heaters is that they are noisy in daily use and have certain pollution problems. Some imported gas heating stoves are more expensive and are not suitable for households with ordinary incomes.

    Beautiful, compact and energy-saving, graphene heater: practicality is the last word

    In winter, both the south and the north are afraid that the indoor temperature is too low. If you want to fight the cold, you can't do without the support of heating equipment. Although many homes have installed air conditioners, in addition to high power and high power consumption, since air conditioners cannot be moved, they also have great limitations. Electric heaters are naturally the best choice for fighting cold. Not only is the price much lower than the air conditioner, but it is also easy to move, consumes less power, and is suitable for various environments.    With the development of science and technology, the technology of electric heaters has also undergone earth-shaking changes. Traditional fuel oil heaters have declined, and new graphene heating heaters have begun to spread, with a good reputation. And it has good sales. A graphene heater is now recommended. Judging from the product promotion, the quality of this heater is really good. The graphene heater is very impressive. Compared with the traditional oil heater, this graphene heater can be said to be more compact. The body is light and thin, only 780*216*526mm, and the weight is only 1.5kg. It does not take up too much space and it is very convenient to store.    is superior to traditional oil-cooled electric heaters in terms of heating effect. This is completely based on the new graphene heating technology, which not only heats up quickly, but also has a very significant heat conduction effect. The thermal conductivity of the graphene coating can reach 5300W/mK, which is about 10 times higher than the effect of copper-aluminum materials. It can promote heat radiation and heat dissipation more quickly, and quickly bring about the effect of heating up the environment.   The heating element also adopts the innovative structure of GFM. The heat dissipation area of ??this structure can reach 7116c㎡, which is more than twice the heat dissipation area of ??the heater of the same level, and the structure of this innovative GFM structure naturally has a larger heat dissipation area when dissipating heat, and the heat dissipation effect can be increased by more than 48% , Allowing you to feel the temperature rise while turning on.    In terms of details, the graphene heater is also very user-friendly, equipped with a folding clothes rail, which can dry clothes while heating. The simple knob design, the on/off + temperature adjustment status is clear at a glance, even the elderly at home can use it without barriers, and multiple safety protections also prevent the graphene heater from overheating or tipping and causing safety accidents.
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